The armbands explained to dads

The armbands explained to dads

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Pool or seaside, when swimming with your toddler, think to equip him with armbands.

Which armbands to choose?

  • The armband supports the child from shoulder to elbow while leaving him free of his movements. Prefer those who have anti-return valves. These allow progressive deflation. Air escapes only if the valve is pinched.
  • Swimsuit-buoy, with its floats (in principle expanded polystyrene blocks) attached to the garment is ideal because it does not deflate and can not withdraw on its own. As your apprentice swims, you remove a float.

Security side

  • Do not forget: nothing replaces your attentive supervision!

    Choose exclusively swimming buoys and armbands bearing the CE marking and standard NF 13138-1. Above all, they must bear the words "personal protective equipment" (PPE), corresponding to a European directive that guarantees that products, unlike toys, have undergone safety tests (buoyancy, tear resistance, adequate retention). product on the child).

Good to know

  • Inflatable play articles derived from buoys or pneumatic mattresses (rolls, "French fries", armchairs ...) are not specifically regulated and are subject to a general safety requirement. They must be used in areas where there is no strong wind or current.

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