In winter, heal your lips

The cold, the wind do not spare your lips. To keep smiling against the frost, pamper them with good tips from our beauty specialist.

Why are lips fragile?

At the first gust of wind, the lips lose their flexibility. The reasons for their vulnerability:

  • They are in first line compared to the rest of the face.
  • Cold, wind, temperature change, air conditioning: in winter, they support multiple attacks.
  • They contain very little water and produce very little sebum, a natural protective lubricant.
  • The acidity of saliva is one of their worst enemies ...
  • They lack melanin, a pigment that protects against the aggression of U.V.

How to preserve them

To avoid the appearance of cracking and cracks you must protect them with a specific care stick or mini-tube. His qualities :

  • Contain fatty substances to replace those that are lacking.
  • Deposit a protective film.
  • Soothe irritations.
  • Thoroughly repair small crevices.

Good gestures to heal your lips

To adopt as soon as the thermometer falls to keep lips silky:

  • Apply your lip care at night in a thick layer with a brush, like a mask.
  • Use your lip stick several times during the day.
  • Avoid powdering your mouth to fix your lipstick.
  • Renounce nibbling your lips and constantly moistening them with your tongue, it dries them out.
  • Regularly perform a gentle scrub to remove small dead skin.

Monique Fort

How to protect yourself from the cold in beauty? Our advices.