Homeopathy, help to give birth

Homeopathy, help to give birth

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Homeopathy brings many answers to the various problems from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. She also proposes treatments to prepare you physically and to accompany you for the delivery. The explanations of Dr. Christelle Charvet, homoeopathic gynecologist.

Why use homeopathy before giving birth?

  • Homeopathy can not be considered as a preparation for birth strictly speaking as those provided by midwives (yoga, sophrology, De Gasquet ...) and are essential especially if it is your first delivery.
  • Nevertheless, no preparation at birth can provide the assurance of an easy and fast delivery. And homeopathy does not claim to avoid a difficult and long delivery.
  • However, the prescription of certain homeopathic treatments, to the extent that there is no particular risk of pregnancy and childbirth, prepares the body to gather the maximum of favorable conditions for a physiological birth.

Homeopathy: a real support for your delivery

  • If the best preparation for the birth rests on the fact to have confidence, it is not obvious especially if it is about your first birth and that you dread this deadline until losing sleep!
  • If you suffer from an anticipation jitters, do not sleep because you dread your delivery and / or do not go to bed for fear of not falling asleep: Gelsemium 15 CH, 5 granules at night.
  • For prepare and soften your collar of the uterus while easing your anxiety about approaching delivery: Actea racemosa 9 CH, 5 granules a day, starting 3 weeks before the date of the term.
  • The last 15 days you can add to this treatment, especially if you have any small contractions daily: Caulophyllum 9 CH, 5 granules a day.
  • The day of deliveryif you suffer from painful and ineffective contractions, called false work: Caulophyllum 5 CH, 5 granules every quarter of an hour. One study demonstrated the effectiveness of this medication taken every quarter hour for two hours during delivery. It accelerated the beginning of dilation for women who were in real work. On the contrary, it allowed to stop the contractions in those for which the moment had not yet come to give birth.

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