Do not raise the bar too high

Do not raise the bar too high

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "Les Essentiels d ': 80 tips to help it progress from 0 to 2 years", sold with the October issue of. Today, well in his body ... standing up!

  • "And why does not he work yet? He should, at this age, no? "Do you recognize yourself in these words?" It is understandable, each parent would like his child to shine in all areas and if possible before the little Enzo, the youngest of the neighbors of the 3rd, but each child is unique and goes to his own. rhythm in his motor acquisitions and his discoveries ... By insisting, you could put pressure on him and your relationship could suffer.Then patience, it will come this day when your child will gallop.

Everyone's personality

  • Personality plays a role in psychomotor development. Some children are more or less curious and will start more easily especially when learning to walk. Others will be even hypertonic, will very soon want to stand up and refuse to lie down to be changed. If this is the case for your toddler, a doctor can look for the reasons that prevent him from letting go, because it is important for him to have recovery phases. Doing nothing and taking his time is necessary for his psychomotor acquisitions.

Stéphanie Letellier

Find more information in "Essentials of: 80 tips to help him progress from 0 to 2 years", sold with the October issue of, pocket size.

Other essential tips.

Eat everything, couples, authority, child care, Dukan diet, allergies, sleep, nutrition, games and toys, back to school ... find other Essential tips.


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