Your child 1-3 years

No ... he only has that word in his mouth!

Your toddler does not want to bathe anymore, he refuses to get into the supermarket trolley and, in the street, he stubbornly refuses to give you a hand ... He opposes everything and you're done!

All children go through a phase of systematic opposition. This so-called "no" period, often difficult for you to live, usually starts around the age of 18 months. Be patient: this crisis is necessary because it allows your child to grow up. By opposing, he positions himself as a little being well differentiated from you, his parents.

Why he says no? Because he discovers, experiments, gropes

  • Since the age of 8-10 months, your child has realized that he is a person in its own right. As the months go by, this perception becomes more and more a certainty.
  • He experiments things without you and often without your permission: manipulate objects, move on your own and think for yourself.
  • This new autonomy invites him to explore his own desires and to get away from yours. He has a feeling of omnipotence.
  • He tests the power he can have on you. Saying "no" allows you to experiment and find new limits.
  • He seeks to understand the rules of the house. To get a clear answer, he is able to push you to the end.

He says no to everything? Dedramate!

  • Take a step back. Of course, it's not always easy to keep your cool when he makes a scene at the supermarket. But do you say that all parents pass by and that this scene does not question your skills as educators. This is a passage in your child's life and nothing more.
  • Above all, learn to ignore the disapproving looks of adults. Stay firm. During the crisis, keep your cool.
  • Be sure to let him scream and stamp.... tell him only that you have understood his anger, but that you will not give in.

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