Your child 3-5 years

We play with the shadows on the wall

It's crazy that you can be creative in front of a white wall, lit by a spot. We show him how we make the wolf, and the rabbit? Fascinating.

How do we do ?

  • Orient a light on a white wall. Turn off the other lights. And show your toddler that his shadow is growing, growing ... when he walks away. Have fun together making the monster by shrugging your shoulders and waving your fingers like Dracula. Very impressive !
  • Play with your hands like puppets. For example, by pinching your thumb with the middle finger and the ring finger and pulling up your little finger and forefinger, you are camping a fearsome wolf. By clasping your two thumbs and clapping your hands, you create a bird.

We try with a game

  • The Little Theater of Shadows: The Fables of La Fontaine. In this theater kit, there is: 1 booklet with the fables of the Fountain most accessible as the Cicada and the Ant or the Frog who wants to be as big as the ox, sets, figurines in silhouettes and 1 lamp Of course. Tell him the fables and have fun together to put them on stage.
  • Ed. Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées, 19.90 .

We try with a book

  • Shadows. No text in this album, just black and white drawings. And the very powerful imagination of a little girl who plays with the shadows of her silhouette and all the junk of the attic.
  • Ed. Kaleidoscope, by Suzy Lee, 15 €.

Agnes Barboux

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