We brush our teeth cheerfully!

We brush our teeth cheerfully!

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In life, your toddler loves when you turn chores into play. For example, brush your teeth! Three tracks to make the stars laugh while laughing.

Schedule a Day To the happiness of the teeth!

  • Appointment on and in two big cities in France to learn all about brushing teeth. On the quiz program, practical workshops, tips for your child, from 3 years, brushes the quenottes as it should.
  • When? October 19 in Rennes and October 27 in Lyon.

Listen to the dogs by brushing their teeth

Why the dogs? Because this happy trio of artists delight little party animals. And that one of their most famous hits is called Three minutes for ... What for? We give you a thousand, brush your teeth, of course! Take back with them:

  • To clean the gums
  • Make the incisors shine
  • Scrub the canines
  • But for molars
  • It takes know-how

Read an album: AAAAAH! Not the dentist!

  • Simon has a toothache. And his boyfriend Ferdinand finds nothing better to do than to tell him stories of a scary dentist. So, even for a Superlapin, it's not very easy to live ... A colorful album to dramatize the session at the dentist. from 3 years old. Ed. The school of recreation, by Stephanie Blake, 11,88 €.
  • Where find this book ? Click here.

Agnes Barboux

What do you know about cavities? Our quiz.


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