Why do children have to go to bed so early?

Why do children have to go to bed so early?

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Of course a child will often ask to go to bed at the same time as his parents! In 1 minute 30, this playful cartoon shows why children have to go to bed early: to sleep, it helps to grow, to memorize what one has learned during the day and to regain strength ...

My Little Boys Why simply answer the big questions of 4-6 years, in video. With clear illustrations that speak for themselves, children understand more easily!

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Text: Sarah Barthère. Illustration: Océane Meklemberg. Animation: David Berlioz. Graphics: Catherine Pebrel. Editing: Camille Touaty. Music and sound effects: Henri-Pierre Pellegrin. Recording: Studio Elixir. Voice: Franck Aupeix Milan Press, 2018

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