Why are we hiccupping?

Why are we hiccupping?

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When we eat or laugh, hiccups can happen suddenly! What's happening ? Everything is a story of stomach and diaphragm that, a little jostled, cause a return air in the lungs ... With this mini-video, your child will have fun to understand why sometimes he has "Hic!".

My Little Boys Why, by the cartoon, answers all the questions of children between 4 and 6 years old. With humorous illustrations and simple explanations, everything becomes clearer!

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Author - Laurent Pujade. Illustrations: Océane Meklemberg. Animation: David Berlioz. Graphics: Catherine Pebrel. Editing: Camille Touaty. Voice: Franck Aupeix. Music and sound effects: Henri-Pierre Pellegrin. Recording: Studio Elixir @ Milan Studio, Milan Press 2018

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