Name Abderahmane - Meaning and origin

Name Abderahmane - Meaning and origin

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The name Abderahmane is of Quranic origin. Muslims have given Muslim names to their children for almost fourteen centuries, regardless of their origins. This trend represents for them the attachment to the sources, the roots of Islam, as well as a living testimony of their religious identity.
Abderahmane literally translates to "The Servant of the All-Merciful".


Abderrahmane Sissako, Mauritanian filmmaker and director, and Abderrahmane Youssouffi, politician

His character :

Abderahmane's greatness of soul is matched only by his pride. Passionate, he goes where his heart carries him. Intelligent and cheerful, this child is playful. His ability will enable him to succeed both at school and in the private setting. Knowing how to communicate his spirit to his comrades, he will make many loyal friends. They will particularly appreciate his spontaneity and his joie de vivre. Naturally esthete, this little one has one or more artistic gifts that it would be good to encourage. Painting, music or cooking are some of the areas of interest.

Possessing a sense of early humor, he will not appreciate the long lessons of life. He will make fun of them and will largely prefer to listen to practical advice. Warm and combative, Abderahmane is stimulated by action. A true little boy with a heart, he will have a strong commitment to his family, especially his parents.


The most famous variants or derivatives of Abderahmane are Abdel-Rahman, Abd-el-Rahman or Abd-al-Rahman. His original form is Abd el Rahman.

His party :

To date, there is still no party attributed to people named AbdelRahmane.

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