Name Adrial - Meaning and origin

Name Adrial - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In Hebrew, Adrial means "the majesty of God".


Formula 1 Spanish pilot Andrián Campos, Romanian tennis player Andrian Voinea, French historian Adrien Dansette, Belgian explorer and navigator Adrien De Gerlache De Gomery and American actor Adrien Brody.

His character :

Adrial is usually manly and authoritarian. It is difficult to influence it. By drawing on his will and his power of action, he is able to continue on his way while progressing. Despite his appearance, he is a sensitive person. Moreover, his weak point is his emotional life. It is by appearing firm and uncompromising that it hides its true nature. Sensitive and tender at the same time, it is a man of speech in whom one can count. Frank and honest, he can not stand the injustice and waste of unnecessary time, which sometimes pushes him to be aggressive in moments of anger.

Perfectionist, Adrial always seeks peace and harmony. His attention to detail, precision and punctuality make him a great professional conscience. That's why he feels comfortable in the medical professions or in the business and finance world. It is also in trades related to comfort and precision that it flourishes. He has an analytical mind and a very strong intuition and a great memory.

In terms of love life, he is rather possessive and deeply attached to his family and his companion. He develops a jealous character while remaining someone very loyal and loyal.


Adriel, Adrien, Adrian.

His party :

We do not celebrate the Adrial.

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