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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Irish language, the name Aedhan is a derivative of the word "Áed" or "Aodh" which means "fire".


Aiden Mathis, character from the "Revenge" series, Aidan Quinn, American actor and producer, Aidan Alexander, British actor, Aidan White, British journalist, Aidan Hawken, singer, songwriter, performer and American musician.
The Aedhan are celebrated on the same day as Saint Aidan de Ferns. Saint Aidan, abbot and founder of the very first monastery on Ferns Island, was also the first bishop of Ferns.

His character :

Aedhan is a nervous and elusive boy who hides under a veneer of calm. Also introverted, his reserved side hides a great intelligence. Aedhan has a critical and analytical mind that challenges him to question everything he sees or hears. In his work or activities, he tends to always want to speed things up, and shows some impatience. However, once he sets a goal, he devotes himself body and soul to achieve it.


Aodhan, Aedan, Aiden, Edan, Aodhagan, Iagan and Egan.

His party :

The Aedhan are celebrated on January 31st.

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