Name Cellia - Meaning and origin

Name Cellia - Meaning and origin

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The name Cellia is a variant of Celia. It comes from the Latin name Caelia which is the feminine form of Caelius, the name of a Roman family. Cellia also comes from the word "caelum" which means "sky".


Cellia Costea is a Romanian soprano.
Célia Houdart is an author of French origin.
Celia from Caridad Cruz Alfonso, better known by her stage name Celia Cruz, was a singer of Cuban music and salsa.
Célia Aymonier is a founder of French origin.

The Cellia are celebrated the same day as Sainte Cecile. This Christian virgin of Rome was obliged to marry a pagan named Valerian whom she succeeded in converting to Christianity. They were arrested and martyred together.

His character :

Cellia is a lively, playful girl who loves to chatter above all else. Communicative and alert, she tries to please by resorting to its charm and elegance. Looking outward, she needs the attention of others to feel good. Very expressive, she spends most of her time talking and exchanging ideas. Intelligent and witty, Cellia loves to perform and entertain those around her. A true actress, she is able to perfectly imitate others thanks to her critical mind and her sense of observation of the most honed. His vivacity of mind and his sense of repartee have often allowed him to emerge from quite difficult situations. Very curious, Cellia is interested in all subjects. However, this aspect of her personality pushes her to instability, because by devoting herself to too many areas, she is unable to finish the tasks she has begun.


Zelie, Celya, Zélia, Celie, Selya, Selia, Zeliha, Zelya, Cellya, Celhia and Seliha.

His party :

The Cellia are celebrated on November 22nd.

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