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Famous Name - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Fergus is a Celtic male given name derived from the Gaelic "fear" meaning "man".


The legendary Scottish king Fergus I of Dal Riada, the Irish politicians Feargus Edward O'Connor and Fergus Ewing, the Irish rugby player Fergus Slattery, King Arthur's knight Fergus, the British novelist Fergus Hume, the Spanish actor James Fergus Riordan.

There are two Christian saints who bear the name of Fergus. There was Fergus said "The Picte" and Fergus Downpatrick. Fergus the Picte is said to have evangelized a large part of northern Scotland. As for St. Fergus of Downpatrick, he was the sixth descendant of Coelbad, King of Erin. He notably built the monastery of Killmbain.

His character :

Fergus has great energy. He is very active and has trouble staying in place. Despite his great vitality and the fact that he is constantly absorbed in a project, Fergus knows how to be generous to others. He will stop from time to time to listen to what his entourage has to say. Even if it does not happen right away, he loves his family and friends. Fergus will be attracted by new technologies and new discoveries. Impatient, he has a tendency to move from one goal to another. In fact, the only thing that scares him is the routine.


Ferguson, Fearghas, Fergusson

His party :

The Fergus are celebrated on November 27th.

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