Name François-Xavier - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Basque, French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

François-Xavier is a name derived from the Latin "francus" meaning "free" and Basque "etchebarri" meaning "new house".


François-Xavier Louis Henry Gaetan Bonnier was the first general flying of the French army, François-Xavier de Bourbon-Parma was the Duke of Parma, François-Xavier Demaison is a French comedian and actor.

St. Francis Xavier is a Jesuit missionary who, together with St Ignatius Loyola, founded the company of Jesus. He is the patron saint of Mongolia, tourism and all Catholic missions

His character :

François-Xavier knows how to be tenacious when something is close to his heart. He is open-minded but prefers to work alone most of the time. He is an idealistic person often busy seeking justice. He is the defender of the weak and the left behind. He will never close his eyes to an injustice. François-Xavier has the gift of diplomacy. He does not like conflict and will always seek a peaceful solution to his problems. He does not search for command, but will not turn away if he thinks he is the right person. To relax, he appreciates the calm and tranquility of nature. He will not neglect his family and will be a caring father. François-Xavier will always find the little something that will delight his family. He will be attracted by technology and will find happiness in the related professions.


Francisco, Xavier, Francis, Xavier, Xever, Xaver, Xabier, Javier

His party :

The François-Xavier are celebrated on December 3rd

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