Name Giovani - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Italians

Meaning of the name:

Giovani is the Italian variant of John. From Hebrew terms yo and Hananit means "God is merciful".


Mexican footballer Giovani Casillas, Mexican boxer Giovani Segura, American running back Giovani Bernard, international footballer Giovani dos Santos ...

John the Baptist was a preacher in Judea before Jesus. He led a life of asceticism in the desert. Around the year 29 he settled on the banks of the Jordan and began to prophesy. He baptized his disciples by immersing them in the water. John the Baptist was the harbinger of the Messiah. He also baptized Jesus. He died beheaded at the request of the daughter of Herodias.

His character :

Giovani is smart. The mind awakens, he likes to learn and does not miss any opportunity to expand his horizons. Active, Giovani connects activities, motivated by his thirst for knowledge. It is difficult to follow him. Overflowing with energy, Giovani perfectly supports her hectic daily life. His initiative is very appreciated by his entourage. Full of resources and overflowing with enthusiasm, he behaves like a real leader. Whatever the project, Giovani embodies the essential lever to turn the machine.

Among its main values ​​are honesty, loyalty and generosity.


Giovanni, Giovanny, Giovany, Giovan, Giovann, Giovanna, Giovane ...

His party :

The people named Giovani are honored on June 24th.

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