Gonthier Name Meaning - Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Gonthier comes from the Germanic terms "gund" and "hari" meaning respectively "fighter" and "army".


Gonthier de Baignaux was a French prelate. Secretary of Finance of King Charles V, he was appointed bishop of Le Mans in the 14th century.
Gonthier-Victor, Prince of Schwarzburg was the last ruler of Schwarezburg-Rudolstadt, a former German state of Thuringia, and Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, a former state of the Holy Roman Empire.
Gonthier d'Andernach was a famous French doctor.

His character :

Calm and balanced, Gonthier is very patient. Always master of himself, he is extremely tolerant of others. He never scatters in the face of adversity and analyzes all options before making a decision. He also has a very wise sense of responsibility.
Lively and dynamic, Gonthier's life is full of life. Enemy of monotony, he likes to spice up his life. This person full of simplicity hates complicating things. With a devouring curiosity, he is interested in everything. Extremely right, Gonthier does not hesitate to fight against injustices.


Gontier, Gontario, Gondario, Gunder, Gunter, Gunezilo, Gunzo, Gunzel and Gunnar.

His party :

The people named Gonthier are celebrated on October 9th.

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